Thursday, June 26, 2014

Summertime…and the riding is easy

Gloucester summers are some of the best: the beaches, the breezes, the ice cream.  Young 
Young Mr. Bryan's 2013 Horrible's Parade 'outfit'
Mr. Bryan and I celebrated his last day of 7th grade with a short bike ride to Long Beach Dairy Maid for the biggest 'kiddie' cone in Cape Ann.   A new friend said to me that morning while discussing summer plans, "I've never taken a bike ride I've regretted. I've never regretted taking a swim."  Take your kids riding. Teach them to ride a bike. Bikes=freedom.
You know what they say…it's like riding a bike. 

And then there are the parties: weddings, St. Peter's Fiesta, the 3rd of July AND the 4th of July.  Gloucester celebrates Independence Day with the Horribles Parade & fireworks on July 3rd.  This is a tremendous opportunity to promote a business, a political candidate, a political issue or a social club.  There are thousands of eyeballs cheering and laughing and celebrating and WATCHING.  It's also just plain fun.  We have ridden bikes in both the Horribles Parade on the 3rd and the 4th of July parade in Rockport.  When you present bicycling as fun, festive and social, people might just dust off their old ten speeds and take a ride.  Bikes=fun!
HP 2012: Wonder (why more people don't ride a bike) Woman

Horribles Parade 2012: The Green Hornet
HP 2012: Having fun, riding bikes
HP 2012: Be a hero, ride a bike!
Big Mike & KT from Big Mike's Bikes represent!

On the summer solstice, Mr. Bryan and I attended a delightful wedding of two dear friends.  The dress code was casual elegant, so we went with it, but made sure our outfits were cycling friendly.  Parking on Rocky Neck on a gorgeous summer evening? No problem on our commuter bikes. And that ride home? A breeze with blinking lights.  Savor the summer on two wheels. Where can your bike take you in Gloucester?
The Bridgestone & the Interloc
Are these Danskos
Crank Bros. compatible?

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  1. This is reminding me that I really need to get my old bike fixed up so I can start riding again!