Wednesday, April 23, 2014

9-0! Gloucester Bike Ordinance Passes Unanimously!

Thank you City Councilors! Steve Winslow and I  held out through 3 hours of dog leash(off/on, safe/dangerous, fear/trust, insert your binary view here) testimony, and the bicycle ordinance was heartily supported and voted into permanence! Thank you, James Dowd for your letter of support. Thank you, Jerry Goulart (newest member of the Open Space/Recreation Committee) for your letter of support. 

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

City Bike Ordinance to Become Permanent TONIGHT

Last spring, Gloucester City Council members unanimously passed a city bicycle ordinance that helped institutionalize some of the visible changes in our community.  The cornerstone of the ordinance was the creation of bike lanes throughout downtown Gloucester. Additionally, with the help of Steve Winslow from the City's Development Department, new signs were created and installed for a bike route around Cape Ann, & through tricky downtown areas.
Tonight at 7 pm, City Councilors will vote on making the ordinance permanent.  There will be questions about cost and maintenance, enforcement and scarcity, but it is clear:   Gloucester benefits when there is visible support and infrastructure for the cycling community.
If you have any thoughts about the ordinance or support cycling in Gloucester, please contact your city councilors and the Mayor.  Thanks!

Friday, April 11, 2014

What's the 411 on 4/11?

Heading into Boston for the
MM Racing party   tonight at Headquarters!  Looking forward to dancing and getting down!
Mr. Bryan & I at the MMRacing End of Season Party
Most excellent photobooth from the party!

I love Gloucester. I love bikes.

I am a proud Gloucester citizen and a proud cyclist. I want to combine my love of Gloucester with my love of cycling and help connect the larger community to BOTH.  You will find the following here:
Cycling Advocacy
Mountain Biking 
Good Things in Gloucester

Can anybody give this guy a wheel change?