Sunday, June 8, 2014

It's warm out...let's ride bikes!

It's a sunny Sunday afternoon in Gloucester.  Yesterday felt like the first hot summer day we've enjoyed.  I rode to Magnolia Woods for the U-14 soccer game. What a marvelous way to navigate through downtown Saturday morning traffic!  

The route to Mag Woods: 20 mins by bike

I also thought about the potential use of Magnolia Woods for a cyclocross race:  there's parking, grass, pavement, some elevation gain. Perhaps in the future?  The Gran Prix of Gloucester  race site at Stage Fort Park is spectacular, and a perfectly situated venue.  There may come a time, however, when we want an additional, more underground type race. 

Magnolia Bike Club is working on creating a pump track at Magnolia Woods.  Recreation in Gloucester takes many forms:  soccer, cycling, football, baseball, sailing, dog-walking.  When people enjoy the land, they are more likely to provide stewardship of that land.  

By the afternoon I was ready to cool off at the beach. I headed over to Good Harbor on my bike & soaked up the sun.  What a glorious day in Gloucester. I love riding in the summer: the freedom, the automatic breeze, the exercise, the ease.    There were a lot of folks out on their bikes: roadies, tourists with hybrids, and beachgoers.  Great minds think alike!  
My beloved Bridgestone in the rack

The creek at Good Harbor Beach

Where do you like to ride in the summer?

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