Saturday, May 24, 2014

Good Morning Gloucester, & Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Thank you, Joey for the opportunity to promote the new blog and to promote cycling in Gloucester. Check it out HERE:

If you have a bike you love, or a trail you love, or a regular group ride, please share with Man At The Wheel Cycling:
Photos, maps, routes are all welcome here!

We'll be seeing lots of cyclists on the roads this weekend, so keep your eyes & ears open! 
I am looking forward to riding in the woods of Dogtown on my singlespeed cyclocross bike with Mr. Bryan & our dog, Maru.  The woods are constantly changing this time of year:  fiddleheads turn to ferns, lady slippers emerge and bloom, yellow clintonia is in flower, and the trees and rocks are slowly obscured by beech leaves.  We are blessed to live on this 'island of the woods.'
Clintonia (also known as Bluebead Lily)

Unfurling fiddleheads

The old Saw Mill Brook,
north of Old Rockport Road

Maru, our Puerto Rican 'Sato'


  1. It's so great to see so many cars coming to Gloucester with bikes on them. People are coming here to ride!

  2. Thanks for reading, and commenting. I'm new at this & learning by doing. You and KT inspired me to get out there and do it! Mil gracias y nos vemos pronto (la fiesta de Rebecca?)